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Support for families

Start for Life
Help with pregnancy, birth and the early years, to give your child the best start in life.
Pregnancy to birth
How to contact your midwife, antenatal classes and support after your baby is born.
Birth to 2 years
Find out about support you'll receive from your health visiting team as your child develops.
Feeding your baby
Find out how you and your baby can learn the skill of breastfeeding together.
Mental wellbeing
Support for your mental health and the relationship with your child.
Dads and non-birthing partners
What family hubs have to offer dads, partners and step-parents with children of all ages.
Parenting programmes
Join a session or group and learn positive parenting skills to make family life easier.
Children with SEND
Find activities suitable for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).
Speech and language support
How family hubs can help to improve your child's speech and language development.
Contact our family advice service
How to contact our family advice service if you are struggling with any aspects of family life.
Young people
Youth hubs provide a safe place for teenagers to hang out, join activities and get support.