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Feeding your baby


Breastfeeding is a skill to learn together with your baby. These videos can support you while you learn.

They include how to:

  • hold your baby to help them latch
  • know when to breastfeed for both you and baby
  • hand express your milk

The ‘what to expect’ video shows mums sharing their experiences and tips.

Watch breastfeeding support videos

A baby breastfeeding

Breastfeeding peer support service

Peer supporters are mums who breastfed their babies. They are trained to offer feeding support to parents before and after giving birth.

Come to a group to chat with a peer supporter and meet others who are breastfeeding. The activities we attend are listed in the what's on guides in activities and courses

Bottle feeding

Tips to feed your baby and keep them safe when bottle feeding with expressed milk or infant formula:

Bottle feeding advice | NHS

Watch a video on responsive bottle feeding